About SQS

About SQS

  • ISO 9001:2008 To provide our customers with the best possible quality, all work is carried out to ISO9001:2008 standards. We have worked hard over the last year to improve and update our procedures and methods to increase the quality of everything we do and are now proud to be fully ISO9001:2008 certified.
  • Fully Fitted Workshop To provide our engineers with the best possible environment for the repair, servicing and testing of drives, we have a fully fitted, on-site workshop specifically designed to take into account all of the necessary anti-static precautions required when dealing with sensitive electronic equipment. Our workshop is equipped with multiple test workstations including all of the latest manufacturer test software as well as using bespoke customised software enabling us to see every event in real time, a large stock of spares and test media as well as a vast library of technical manuals and procedures.
  • Full 1 year warranty So confident are we of our engineers’ expertise and knowledge of tape and optical back-up devices, that we have raised the bar on the industry standards by reflecting the quality of their work in offering longer warranties on all stand alone repairs and refurbished drives than our competitors. Library units and drives carry a 6 month warranty, Exabyte Mammoth Products have a shorter warranty of 90 days due to the nature of these types of drive.
  • No Fix No Fee We at SQS Ltd strive to provide you with a quality of service second to none, which is why we offer a “No Fix No Fee” option on all drive repairs. If one of your Tape Drives, Autoloaders or Libraries cannot be fixed at the standard repair price or is beyond economical repair, and the alternative solutions are cost prohibitive to you or your customer, we are happy to return it to you at no cost to yourselves. After all, why should you pay for a service if that service cannot be delivered?
  • Priority Turnaround To provide you with the best possible service and to minimise you or your customers down time, we aim to turn around all servicing and repair work within 3 to 5 days. Should you require a faster turnaround time we also offer a 24hr Gold Service, which means that your drive will be ready for shipping or collection within 24hr’s of being received at our offices/workshop.
  • Next Day Delivery In order to get your drive to you in the minimal amount of time, we operate a next day delivery service. Should you require your drive before a specific time in the day, we can also ensure that your drive is shipped on a pre 10:30 or pre 12:00 delivery enabling you or your engineer to have the drive on his arrival at site.
  • Free Technical Support As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible service, we are happy to provide free technical support for both our existing customers and anyone who is struggling with issues regarding tape or optical drives or data storage issues in general. If you need advice from one of our industry specialists or engineers then please feel free to either email us using our contact form or call 08450 666 222.
  • Seagate / Quantum Recommended We are proud that not only do our customers recognise the quality of our work and service, but Seagate, one of the largest tape drive manufacturers, now recommends us as their preferred out of warranty repair centre.
  • HP Factory Trained Staff At SQS, we believe in the importance of quality in both service and engineering. In order to attain the high quality standards expected by our customers, not only do we recruit the best industry engineers available but they are then factory trained by HP at their specialist facility in Lyon. All training includes the full range of units, from small single units through to the large, multiple drive autoloaders and tape libraries.
  • Symantec Partner We are pleased to confirm our partnership with storage software specialist Symantec. As data back-ups become increasingly vital to users, so the requirements of your back-up software become more specialised. Whilst the specification of your back-up device may fulfil your requirements, the way in which your drive interfaces with the rest of your network is of key importance. Not only should your software run seamlessly and quickly, it should also be user friendly and cost effective. Symantec not only provide cost-effective back-up software which is tailored to meet your requirements but also have a support program second to none.
  • HP Authorised Re-seller We at SQS are proud of our continued relationship with HP as an authorised re-seller. Our authorised re-seller status enables us to offer you the keenest pricing on not only back-up devices and media but HP’s entire range of products.


Andrew FrancombChew Valley School

I decided to opt for server based storage but had trouble finding a server with enough capacity. When I found SQS Data Storage I was very pleased to see extremely large capacity NAS servers (ProVault 424S, 24 Bay). I was astonished to read the specification of the 2 socket quad core server at such a reasonable price. The school has purchased two SQS ProVault 424s and I am confident they should be ample for the foreseeable future.

Paul DonnellyIrish News

Over the past year we having be dealing with SQS for the supply of specialist hardware. During this time, we have found them to be professional, reliable and responsive to our requirements. These high standards are of the utmost importance in our busy environment and SQS should be proud of their efforts.

Dr J Alastair Lack

It is rare these days to come across an organisation as helpful as yourselves. I have been speaking to Chris about problems with my old server, and his advice has been invariably wise and useful. I strongly recommend your service to anyone thinking of buying NAS.

Rupert HeesomGeek IT

SQS have not only provided me with good hardware RAID solutions (expanding with my needs) at very reasonable prices, but have given me great customer service by providing me with a backup facility when migrating to a higher-end storage solution.

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