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The place to find help with tape drive related issues. This category includes everything from LTO Media inspection guides and SAS connector identification through to LTO drive cleaning guides.

IDE / ATAPI Ultra DMA Bus Configuration

IDE Cables and how to connect IDE devices

IDE / ATAPI interface tape drives are still in use in many small business servers across the country. These devices are simple to setup and configure if a few simple rules are observed with regard to propper cabling and installation. The IDE/ATAPI bus speeds are far slower than U320 SCSI or the new SAS interfaces so ensure you allocate enough time for your backup window.Continue reading

LTO Cleaning Frequency

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Determining when to clean your LTO tape drive

When the tape drive requires cleaning, the front panel will display the cleaning light. Periodic cleaning is not recommended unless you are experiancing problems. Clean the LTO drive in usual operation only when the cleaning light is displayed.Continue reading