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Quantum CL200 LTO1 Full Height LTO Drive

Certance CL200 LTO1

Here is what Certance had to say about their first LTO drive


The Certance LTO Ultrium 1 has been molded by the Ultrium format of LTO technology and perfected by the engineers at Certance to provide the ultimate in high capacity, high reliability data protection. No other tape products perform like the Certance LTO Ultrium 1 family of tape products.

All Certance LTO tape drive solutions include fully-licensed BakBone NetVault WorkGroup Edition ($1,195 value) that runs on Windows, Linux and Unix, support up to 5 heterogeneous clients and provides up to 100 GB of disk-to-disk-to-tape capacity.


  • Complete solution including BakBone NetVault WorkGroup Edition backup software ($1,195 value)
  • Up to 200 GB capacity on a single cartridge
  • The fastest LTO-1 drive on the market with up to 115 GB/hr backup speed
  • Satisfies the “archiving” component in many regulatory requirements
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty and the REACT Rapid Replacement Program .
  • CL 200 has a 7% performance advantage over HP and IBM LTO Ultrium format drives and over 45% performance advantage compared with Quantum SDLT 220
  • Compression engine runs at 80 Mbytes per second, the same speed as the SCSI bus. This provides an advantage compared with other Super Tape drives when recording highly compressible data. CL 200 is capable of up to 5:1 compression while the competitive drives max out at approximately 2.5:1
  • FastSense provides a performance/reliability advantage over Quantum, HP and IBM. FastSense alters tape speed in 5 steps, each 2 Mbytes per second. This allows CL 200 to be the most flexible when it comes to speed variability
  • Certance-exclusive Dynamic Powerdown protects the data cartridge during unexpected power loss.


Quantum DAT160

Quantum DAT160 DAT Drive

Quantum’s DAT 160 delivers a capacity of 160 GB on a single data cartridge and a transfer rate of up to 50 GB/hr (assuming a 2:1compression ratio). At the same time this sixth generation DDS/DAT drive provides the proven reliability and two-generation backward compatibility that users of the world’s most successful tape technology have come to expect.

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Quantum LTO5 Full Height

Quantum LTO5 Full Height LTO5 Drive

LTO-5 Product Details

Quantum “Backup Ready” kit solutions allow you to go from box-to-backup in minutes with the highly reliable Quantum LTO-5 tape drive, world-class Backup Exec™ QuickStart software and durable Quantum media. “Backup Ready” solutions are cost-effective, easy to install and fully supported by Quantum.

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