AIT Repair Service

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Sony AIT Repair Service 

AIT Repair Service

Our engineers are fully trained on all generations of AIT drive from the earliest AIT1 drives to the last AIT5 drives. Our AIT repair service process includes comprehensive full capacity testing and a full 1 year warranty, giving you the confidence that your AIT drive will be returned ready for that all important offsite tape back up.

SONY launched the AIT drive (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format in 1996 as a higher capacity alternative to the popular DDS DAT drive. Much like the DAT and Exabyte drive offerings of the time, AIT utilises helical scan technology with multiple heads to read and write data onto an 8mm tape.

As with all electro-mechanical devices, they can and do fail when you least expect it. Faults can range from stripped gears in the load mechanism to excessive wear on the read/write heads.

To use our tape library repair service, download our repair form below to include with your library repair

Why should you trust SQS with your AIT drive repair?

  • Standard 3-5 day turnaround (faster times available)
  • Longer warranties than ALL of our competitors (1 year on all internal / external drives, 6 months on library drives)
  • Advance replacement options available
  • Over 24 years industry experience
  • Large stocks of AIT drives
  • On-Site repair centre
  • Fully manufacturer trained engineers
  • Our ‘No Fix No Fee’ policy

As standard your AIT repair service will include:

  • Fault diagnosis and repair
  • Deep clean
  • Drive recalibration and realignment
  • Testing to the strictest manufacturer standards
  • Full ‘end of tape’ back-up testing
  • Next day courier return

Benefits to using Our AIT Repair Service

LTO Drive Repair
Quick Turnaround

To provide you with the best possible service and to minimise you or your customers down time, we aim to turn around all repair work within 3 to 5 days. 24 Hour Repair is also available*

LTO Drive Repair
Cost Effective

Maximise ROI by having your tape drives and libraries repaired and warranted. Ensuring you get the most from your hardware investment.

LTO Drive Repair
Full 1 Years Warranty

We offer up to a full 1 years warranty on most stand alone tape drives as standard and 6 months on library drives and autoloaders

LTO Drive Repair
No Fix No Fee

If your Tape Drive or library cannot be repaired at the standard repair price or is beyond economical repair, we are happy to return it to you at no cost to you.

Advanced Exchange AIT Repair Service

This is the fastest AIT repair service we offer our customers and enables you to have an AIT drive dispatched to you the very same day. This enables you to continue backing up without further interruption or risk to your data.

24 Hour AIT Repair Service

This AIT repair service enables us to repair your own drive and return it to you after only 24 hours in our workshop. This can help with Asset traceability and tracking and when repairing less common AIT drives. The 24 hr library repair can also help when stock levels cannot provide for an advanced exchange option.

The 3-5 Day AIT Repair Service

This our standard AIT repair service and it enables our customers to benefit from discounted pricing, when a fast turn-around is not a critical factor. Customers using our 3-5 day library repair service still receive the same long warranty as our other services.

“How can I get my AIT Drive repaired quickly using your 24 Hour or 3-5 day service?”

Having your AIT Drive repaired couldn't be easier!

Just ship your AIT drive to our repair centre with your contact details and a fault description and we will do the rest!! We can even arrange for our courier to collect the unit from you if you prefer – just ask.

To enable us to provide you with the fastest possible AIT repair service, we ask you to fill out a short – easy to complete repair form.

The answers you provide on this form will help us quickly process your repair and help our engineers to quickly locate drive faults.

Repair Checklist:
  1. Complete the repair form, print it, sign it and send it with the drive.
  2. Ensure that your drive is securely packaged
  3. Send it to us at: SQS Ltd. 69 Milford Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8LG

To use the AIT Drive Repair Service, Download our Repair Form Below

Call us on 0118 957 3131 for pricing or complete our repair information form and send it with your faulty drive to us and we will contact you with a report as soon as it has been through the AIT repair service centre.

Please package your AIT Drive carefully. If you require packaging or help with couriers then please contact us.

For More Information

Call Us On 0118 957 3131

Looking for AIT Tape media & cleaning tapes?

Dirty and faulty media is one of the leading causes of premature tape drive failure.

Replace your media now, whilst your tape drive is being repaired.

Replace your media now, whilst your tape drive is being repaired.