Refurbished Scalar i40 25-40 Slot Quantum LTO Library. Scalar i40 repair available

Refurbished Quantum Scalar i40 Library. Scalar i40 repairs available

Our refurbished Quantum Scalar i40 tape libraries bring intelligent iLayer benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Expands to up to 40 slots (i40) or 80 slots (i80) of capacity-on-demand. SQS specialise in Quantum Scalar i40 repair and service.  See our LTO repair page for details.

Quantum  Scalar i40 Repair

For customers requiring an Quantum Scalar i40 repair solution, we offer a full in house LTO repair service carried out by our trained engineers.  All our repairs carry a full 6 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

Refurbished Quantum Scalar i40 drives

We regularly stock refurbished Quantum Scalar i40 drives  as well as a vast range of other refurbished LTO drives.  All our  refurbished Quantum Scalar i40 drives and libraries carry a full 6 month warranty for your peace of mind.

What the manufacturer says about the Quantum Scalar i40 LTO Tape Library.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple capacity-on-demand scalability
  • Simplified management with iLayer features
  • Highest level encryption standard


Now entry-level and midrange storage environments can benefit from Quantum’s intelligent tape libraries. With Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries, small and medium-sized businesses spend less time and money on backup, simplifying everything from initial installation and setup to ongoing management, and even adding capacity as storage needs grow. The integrated iLayer software allows you to benefit from reduced management time and a 50 percent reduction in service calls. And with more than 30,000 iLayer installations around the world, you can feel confident choosing Quantum Scalar tape libraries.



Scalar i40Scalar i80
Form Factor3U6U
Maximum number of tape drives1 full-height or
2 half-height
3 full-height or
5 half-height
Number of magazines2 magazines
(20 slots each)
4 magazines
(20 slots each)
Number of cartridge slotsBase unit: 25
Fully licensed: 40
Base unit: 50
Fully licensed: 80
Maximum native capacity25 slots: 37.5 TB
40 slots: 60 TB
50 slots: 75 TB
80 slots: 120 TB
Number of I/E station slots0 or 50, 5, or 10


OperatingNon-OperatingShipping and Storage
Altitude–500 to 10,000 ft
(–152 to 3,048 m)
–500 to 10,000 ft
(–152 to 3,048 m)
–500 to 10,000 ft
(–152 to 3,048 m)
Temperature50º to 95º F
(10º to 35º C)
50º to 113º F
(10º to 45º C)
–40º to 140º F
(–40º to 60º C)
Relative Humidity20 to 80%,
10 to 90%,
0 to 95%,


Scalar i40Scalar i80
Line voltage100 – 240 VAC100 – 240 VAC*
Line frequency50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz*
Rated AC Input Current100 Volt – 2.8 Amps
240 Volt – 1.4 Amps
100 Volt – 5.0 Amps
240 Volt – 2.5 Amps
Typical Power Consumption100 watts200 watts
* A Scalar i80 library with dual power supplies will have these requirement on both AC inputs to the library but will load share the current draw equally between each supply and from each AC connection.


Basic LibraryScalar i40Scalar i80
Height5.2 in. (132 mm)10.4 in. (264 mm)
Width17.5 in. (445 mm)17.5 (445 mm)
Depth (from library front bezel to back of library; excludes drive sleds)*31.2 in. (793 mm)31.2 in. (793 mm)
Weight (one power supply, no tape drives, and no tape cartridges installed)34.9 lbs. (15.8kg)52.4 lbs. (23.8 kg)
Desktop KitScalar i40Scalar i80
Height5.3 in. (135.6 mm)10.6 in. (268.8 mm)
Width18.9 in. (480 mm)18.9 in. (480 mm)
Depth (from library front bezel to back of library; excludes drive sleds)*31.2 in. (793 mm)31.2 in. (793 mm)
* Depths listed above exclude drive sleds. Drive sleds will add up to 50 mm to the overall length of the library depending on tape drive type (half-height, full-height, Fibre Channel, SAS). Additionally, when planning space requirements, take into account installed cables (particularly fibre-optic cable radius on Fibre Channel tape drives).

Supported Tape Drives

HPLTO-4Fibre Channel (4 Gb, LC connector)
SAS (3 Gb, SFF-8088 connector)
HPLTO-5Fibre Channel (8 Gb, LC connector)
SAS (6 Gb, SFF-8088 connector)
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Do you need an Quantum Scalar i40 repair?  Are you looking for a fully refurbished Quantum Scalar i40?

SQS offer a full repair service on all Quantum Scalar i40 LTO libraries and drives, including Quantum Scalar i40 repair and have a large stock of refurbished tape drives with full warranty, including refurbished Quantum Scalar i40 drives  and other Ultrium LTO drives. Click HERE to go to our HP LTO Repair Page or call us on 08450 666222 to speak to our team.

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Looking for Quantum Scalar i40 LTO Tape media and LTO cleaning tapes for the Quantum Scalar i40?  Click here to go to our online store. 

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Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.