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Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 17 February 2014

ID-10028974I am so excited to be here once again and share with you the newest bits of information from the computer and technology field. Enjoy reading!

Amazon Launches Flash-based Cloud Data Warehousing Option http://buff.ly/1fjmm6P

“123456″ Replaces “Password” on Annual “Worst Passwords” List http://buff.ly/1fjolYT [is your data secure?]

“Remote and telecommuting workers present unique risks and challenges for data security.”http://buff.ly/1b8Kc4D

Do I need an IT disaster-recovery plan? http://buff.ly/NezSiE [think about your data folks!]

Think Today’s Data Is Big? Wait 10 Years http://buff.ly/NeAgxq [interesting!]

That’s it for now. Hope to see you all again next week. Have a lovely weekend!

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Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 10 February 2014

ID-100234060Hello there everyone! I am once again bringing you some interesting news and articles from the world of technology.

Electronic patient data a boon http://buff.ly/1fjk3k9 {we work with medical practitioners with data storage needs]

“stored data is growing at 35% per year… requires IT departments to double their storage capacity every 24-30 mths” http://buff.ly/1b8G5Fy

Cloud Computing: Risk vs. Reward http://buff.ly/1fjlD5H

How SMBs can make the most out of storage solutions http://buff.ly/1fjlS0v [we can help]


Where to Start with Data Storage Research http://buff.ly/1b8GBU9 [give us a call!]

And that’s it for this week! Hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you soon!

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Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 3 February 2014

ID-100214069Here’s what’s going around in the world of technology right now. Enjoy!

Those who forget past tech are doomed to be hacked http://buff.ly/1jE1xES

“Small & medium-sized businesses are facing a very similar struggle – affordable, reliable & intuitive data storage” http://buff.ly/1b8DICE

Facebook Is Putting The Data People Don’t Look At Often On 10000 Blu-Ray Discs http://buff.ly/1b8DUlh [wow!]

Data Storage QoS: Still Emerging, But Inevitable http://buff.ly/1fjiWRD

What SMBs should look for in a data storage solution http://buff.ly/1fjj5Ey [we can help!]

On premise still seen as far safer than cloud for data storage… http://buff.ly/1fjjmHM

There you have it! Until my next round up post.

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Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 9 October 2013

The world of [marketing] is ever changing. Here are some news items, articles and opinions which caught our eye over the last week.

Password security: How to protect your company from hackers http://buff.ly/18OMraE [interesting]

Seagate Central Review http://buff.ly/1acCAtk

Data storage: wandering into a digital desert http://buff.ly/19oMfQu [great article]

What is a Tape Library? Find out more info here http://buff.ly/H0rEb1

Tape Storage for the Big Data Era http://buff.ly/1asaJ8z

How to Leverage New Storage Strategies to Support Business Growth [interesting]

Check out our Tape Drive Repair field service

Tape never died, it was just resting http://buff.ly/1asaFpg

So, that’s our industry news round up for this week – see you next time!