Quantum / Certance DAT40 DDS DAT Drive

Certance DAT40 DDS4 DAT Drive

The Seagate DDS-4 (digital data storage) and DAT 72 (digital audio tape) drives are designed for computer environments that require high-performance, high-capacity data storage.

Based on a 3.5-inch mechanism, the internal and external models provide the following data storage capacities and native transfer rates:
Data Storage Capacity: 20 Gbytes (40 Gbytes compressed)

Native Transfer Rate: 2.75 Mbytes per second (5.5 Mbytes per second compressed)

The  DDS-4 drives combine established DAT technology, high – density recording and hardware data-compression capability along with Seagate’s proven computer-grade design to provide unmatched reliability and performance characteristics among DDS products.


The DAT 72 and DDS-4 drives are ideal for workstation, server, and network / enterprise applications such as:
• Backup of high-capacity fixed discs

• Data interchange between systems

• Network servers

• Loader products

• Online data collection

• Near-line secondary storage for text, graphics or multimedia information of all types

• Archival storage

The DAT 72 and DDS-4 drives represent Seagate’s commitment to reliable
engineering and durable tape drive products that implement leading-edge


Key features of the drives include:

• A platform based on state-of-the-art sealed drive mechanism and tape-handling components for improved immunity to airborne contaminants and extended media life

• Three available form factors: 3.5-inch internal for installation in a 3.5-inch halfheight space; 3.5-inch drive with factory-installed 5.25-inch mounting rails and bezel for installation in a 5.25-inch half-height space; and external subsystem with built-in, auto-sensing, worldwide power supply

• ANSI/ECMA compliance and capability to write and read DDS 5th
Generation (DAT 72 only) DDS-4, DDS-3, and DDS-2 (DDS-4 only) cartridges

• Advanced onboard DDS-DC hardware using Data Compression Lempel-Ziv
(DCLZ) data-compression algorithm

• High-speed transfer rates for fast backups


– 2.75 Mbytes per second typical—uncompressed data

– 5.5 Kbytes per second typical—compressed data

DAT 72:

– 3.5 Mbytes per second typical—uncompressed data

– 7.0 Kbytes per second typical—compressed data

• High-performance SCSI burst transfer rate of 10 Mbytes per second
asynchronous and 80 Mbytes per second synchronous

• Flash memory to store setup parameters and enable field firmware upgrades

• Four-head design with RAW error detection and rewrites

• Three levels of ECC to ensure data integrity

• Uncorrectable error rate of less than 1 in 1015 bits

• LVD / Ultra Wide SCSI connection

• Automatic power-on self-test

• Support for TapeAlert™ Certified Solutions


Compressed Capacity Up to 40 GB
Native Capacity Up to 20 GB
Recording Format DDS-4
Interface Type Ultra2 SCSI LVD

Environmental Limits

Min/Max Operating Temp 5 deg C / 45 deg C
Max Operating Humidity 80%
Max Operating Shock 10 Gs
Max Non-Operating Shock 100 Gs
Max Operating Vibration .5 G
Max Non-Operating Vibration 1.5 G


Native Sustained Transfer Rate 9.9 GB/hour
Compressed Sustained Transfer Rate up to 19.8 GB/hour
Average File Access Time < 40 seconds
Search Speed 400x normal
Drum Rotational Speed 10000 RPM
Backup Speed 9.9 GB/hour
Compressed Backup Speed up to 19.8 GB/hour
Buffer Memory Size 10 MB



Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.