Exabyte Media Compatibility Table

exabyte VXA cleaning tape

Exabyte Media Compatibility Table

Exabyte Data Cartridge FormatExabyte Part NumberCapacityM2MammothMammoth-LTEliant 820, 8700, 8505, 8505XL, 8205XL8200, 8205, 8505, 8500, 8500/c4200, 4200c
AME With SmartClean
75mPN:0057225-50 GBR/WN/SN/SN/SN/SN/S
150mPN:0057340-100 GBR/WN/SN/SN/SN/SN/S
225mPN:0055860-150 GBR/WN/SN/SN/SN/SN/S
22m*PN:3137692.5-5 GBRR/WR/WN/SN/SN/S
125m*PN:34086114-28 GBRR/WR/WN/SN/SN/S
170m*PN:31262920-40 GBRR/WN/SN/SN/SN/S
15mPN:180091300 MBN/SR**R**R/WR/WN/S
54mPN:1800921.2 GBN/SR**R**R/WR/WN/S
112mPN:1800932.4-10 GBN/SR**R**R/WR/WN/S
160mXL***PN:3072653.4-14 GBN/SR**R**R/WN/SN/S
90mPN:1807232-4 GBN/SN/SN/SN/SN/SR/W


  1. Items are discontinued products, but all media is still available.
  2. * Exabyte AME Advanced Metal Evaporated media is designed for use in Exabyte MammothTape™ Technology tape drives only. Please verify that your tape drive supports AME media prior to using this data cartridge. For optimal performance and reliability, Exabyte recommends only SmartClean AME media for M2 tape drives and libraries. M2 can use other AME media but will require regular cleaning with an Exabyte Mammoth cleaning cartridge.
  3. ** Do not use metal particle tape in an Exabyte Mammoth or Mammoth-LT tape drive for an extended period of time. Do not attempt to write data to metal particle tape with a MammothTape technology tape drive. Use Exabyte data-grade advanced metal evaporated (AME) media for writing data with these tape drives.
  4. *** Exabyte 160mXL features the Exabyte Recognition System™ for data-grade media and is designed for use in Exabyte 8mm half-high tape drives with extended length capacity. Please verify that your tape drive supports extended length media prior to using this data cartridge.

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