Dell PowerVault 124T LTO3-080 SAS Autoloader

Dell Powervault 124t

Data backup is essential to protect irreplaceable information. Backing up data to magnetic tape is an easy, cost-efficient method used by many small and medium businesses.

However, most enterprises have so much data that a single backup tape is not enough; the information has to be spread across numerous tapes. To avoid constantly changing tapes manually, many tape backup solutions include a PowerVault 124T LTO3-080 SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) autoloader.

Each autoloader is a device that includes a robot, a tape drive and one or two magazines for tape cartridges. The user’s application can automatically load and unload tape cartridges as required for data backup or data retrieval. Dell PowerVault 124T LTO3-080 SAS autoloaders provide a compact, high capacity, but low cost method for easy, unattended data backup.

The PowerVault 124T LTO3-080 SAS autoloader contains a LTO3-080 SAS tape drive, and one or two magazines that can hold up to eight cartridges each. The user can insert a single cartridge directly through a media door (mailslot) that can be password protected. From the media door (mailslot), the user can insert the cartridge into the tape drive provided there is no cartridge already in the drive, or into a magazine slot provided there is no cartridge already in the slot.

The front panel on the autoloader includes a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and four function keys. A scrolling menu on the LCD screen allows the user to obtain information from the autoloader and enter commands. The front panel also includes two light emitting diodes (LEDs) indicating the autoloader’s ready status and error status.

The PowerVault 124T LTO3-080 SAS connects to the user’s host server through a SAS connection allowing the host to send data and commands automatically. The unit also can connect to the Remote Management Unit through the Ethernet port, which allows the user to perform administrative functions and download system updates.

The autoloader provides a compressed capacity of 12.8 Terabytes and a sustained data transfer rate of 281.25 GB per hour (native) or as high as 562 GB per hour compressed (assuming 2:1 compression).

The autoloader is compatible with the most popular operating systems and environments supporting a SAS interface but requires direct support from the operating system or a compatible backup application to take full advantage of its many features.

Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.