HP DDS3 DAT24x6 Autoloader (C1557A)

HP DDS3 Autoloader

The HP C1557A DDS-3 Autoloader combines a changer mechanism with an HP C1537A DDS-3 tape drive mechanism.

The autoloader houses up to six DDS cartridges in a removable magazine, which enables you to back up 144 gigabytes of data overnight (assuming a data compression ratio of 2:1).

High-speed file retrieval and tape swapping typically allows access to any file in an average of ninety seconds.

The autoloader supports both sequential and random access mode, with minimum interruption time between cartridges.

The embedded drive has the features listed for the HP C1537A above.

The autochanger adds the following:

  • A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) giving clear and comprehensive indications
    of the status of the autoloader
  • A low-cost magazine carrying up to six DDS cartridges, giving a magazine
    capacity of 144 gigabytes for DDS-3 cartridges and 2:1 data compression
    Compatibility with the SCSI-2 Medium Changer command set
  • A common SCSI-2 interface for the drive and changer
  • A standard 5¼-inch full-height form factor

Tapes are used as follows:

  • DDS1 60m
  • DDS1 90m
  • DDS2 120m
  • DDS3 125m


Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.