HP Q1523B StorageWorks External DAT72 LVD SCSI 36/72GB

HP Q1523B StorageWorks External DAT72 LVD SCSI 36/72GB

The industry leading HP StorageWorks DAT 72 SCSI Tape Drive provides an optimum balance of dependable backup capacity and low cost of ownership for small and medium businesses, remote offices, and workgroups.

Protect your small or medium business with the highest DAT backup capacity and performance available in up to a 160GB tape drive with SAS interface for latest server connectivity.

Protect your small or medium business with a dependable range of DAT drives from HP that balance price and performance
Change-ready, cost-effective and trusted solutions providing appropriate levels of protection based on your specific business needs. Our data protection and recovery solutions are compatible and scalable—growing and adapting to your business demands.

Key Features

  • Reliable Industry standard DDS technology: As the most popular server backup technology of all time, DAT offers a proven track record of reliability and assured investment protection
  • Lowest media price of any tape technology: Low-cost backup solution and ongoing low-cost of ownership
  • SCSI Interface: For customers requiring SCSI connectivity, the drive features a native SCSI-3 Ultra 160 interface
  • Up to 36 GB native capacity on a single tape: Provides enough capacity for a small server or workstation
  • Transfer rate of over 10 GB/hr native: Backs up a whole cartridge worth of data in less than four hours
  • HP One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR): Restores your entire system at the touch of a button without the need for system disks or software CDs
  • Small, half-height form-factor and choice of models: Flexibility to suit most environments, available as external or internal models to fit servers, workstations, and rack-mount kits
  • Broad compatibility with a wide range of servers, operating systems, and backup software: Suits almost every operating environment
  • HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools utilities: Helps make installation, management, and troubleshooting simple

Technical Features

    • Reliable: Long track record of proven reliability so customers can rest assured that their data is protected

    • Cost effective: Inexpensive media contributes to an exceptionally low-cost backup solution and low cost of ongoing ownership

    • Plug-and-play: Available with native USB 2.0 interface, allowing the hardware to go from box to backup in less than 60 seconds; Connecting a tape drive has never been easier

    • Easy-to-use: Supports HP StorageWorks One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR), enabling complete system recovery at the touch of a button. It’s simply the easiest way to restore data in the event of a disaster

    • Low-maintenance: Automatic head cleaning system reduces the need for cleaning

    • Well-connected: Compatible with all leading operating systems, backup software and servers

    • Manageable: Includes HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools, which provide superior management capabilities that make the drives easy to install, use and support

    • Future-proof: Investment protection from the tape technology with an illustrious past and a solid road map for future development

    • Open standard: Based on industry-standard DDS technology, which delivers the competitive benefits of an open format


Technical Specifications
Compatible operating systems
Microsoft® Windows®, Novell NetWare, HP-UX, Linux (various distributions), HP Tru64, HP OVMS, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, and other operating systems
Seek time
68 seconds
Transfer rate in sustain mode
Native: 3.2 MB/s; Compressed: 6.4 MB/s
Burst transfer rate performance
6.4 MB/s asynchronous; 160 MB/s synchronous
SCSI interface
Wide Ultra SCSI (LVD/SE)
Compressed capacity
72 GB
Native capacity
36 GB
Drive type
DDS format DAT Gen-5
Logical recording format
Partial response maximum likelihood (PRML)
Recording technology
DAT 72
8 MB
Chassis type
5.25 inch half-height
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools (L&TT) enables firmware downloads
One button disaster recovery
Undetected error rate
1 x 10(17) bits read

Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.