Quantum SDLT220

Quantum SDLT220 internal DLT Tape Drive and Media

Tabletop, embedded, and library versions of the Super DLTtape drives start at 220 GB of compressed storage capacity, 22 MB/s compressed sustained data transfer rate.

The Super DLTtape technology roadmap is the first to demonstrate a path to more than 1TB of capacity at more than 100 MB/s transfer rate in the years ahead. This generation of drives is the realization of multiple advances in leading edge technology:

• Pivoting Optical Servo removes servo tracks from the data side of the tape.

• Partial Response Maximum Likelihood read channel creates more efficient data encoding.

• Magneto Resistive Cluster heads allow more tracks.

• Advanced Metal Particle media accepts higher densities of data with even higher integrity.

The SDLT 220 is backward read compatible with the tens of millions of DLTtape IV cartridges in use today.


Native sustained transfer rate 11 MB/s
2:1 compressed transfer rate 22 MB/s
Burst transfer rate SCSI bus 80 MB/s max
Native formatted capacity 110 GB
2:1 compressed capacity 220 GB
Cartridge load time to BOT, formatted tape 12 sec
Cartridge load time to BOT, unformatted tape 40 sec
Average file access time 70 sec
Interfaces available LVD, Ultra 2 SCSI, HVD, Ultra SCSI

Tape Format

Recording format 448 track serial serpentine
Recording density 113 k bits / inch
Track density 896 tpi
Encoding method Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML)
Data compression DLZ

Embedded tabletop and library versions are available with either SCSI HVD or LVD interfaces (Ultra 2).

Recognized worldwide as the industry standard with an installed base of 1.7 million DLTtape drives and over 70 million DLTtape cartridges, Super DLTtape Technology takes three decades of reliability and moves it fast forward, for long-term scalability in future midrange and enterprise storage environments.

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