Refurbished Dell DAT72 R3999 DAT Drive. DAT72 Repair Available

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The Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72 Tape Drive offers backup and restore solutions for PowerEdge servers in small network environments.

Refurbished Dell DAT72 drives

We regularly stock refurbished Dell DAT72 drives  as well as a vast range of other refurbished DAT drives and LTO Drives.  All our  refurbished Dell DAT72 drives carry a full 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

Dell DAT72 Repair

For customers requiring an Dell DAT72 repair solution, we offer a full inhouse DAT repair service carried out by our Manufacturer trained engineers.  All our repairs carry a full 12 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

What the manufacturer says about the Dell DAT72

  • Internal tape drive with a native storage capacity of up to 36 GB
  • Ultra2 SCSI LVD interface
  • Delivers a native backup rate of up to 12.6 GB/hr
  • Offers backwards read and write compatibility with DDS-3 and DDS-4 formats
  • Features TapeShield and SmartShield technologies for optimum dependability
  • Compatible with DAT 72, DDS-4, DDS-3, Helical Scan (R-DAT) and ANSI/ECMA media formats

The Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72 Tape Drive offers backup and restore solutions for PowerEdge servers in small network environments. With a combination of data compression and compaction, the tape drive offers a formatted data capacity of up to 36 GB (up to 72 GB assuming a 2:1 compression ratio) and a sustained user data transfer rate of up to 3.5 MBps (up to 7 MBps with 2:1 compression). It features TapeShield and SmartShield technologies for optimum dependability. The tape drive uses 4 mm DAT (Digital Audio Tape) technology and offers backwards read and write compatibility with tapes written in DDS-3 and DDS-4 formats. The PowerVault 100T DAT72 Tape Drive is an ideal storage drive for small to medium businesses that need a backup solution based on proven technology. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure it will work with your computer. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.


The tape drive is designed for environments that require high-performance, high-capacity data storage. The tape drive is based on a 3.5-inch mechanism and is available as an external and internal tape drive (see Figure 1). The drive combines established Digital Audio Tape (DAT) technology, high-density recording, and hardware data-compression capabilities.

DAT 72 Tape Drives


The following list summarizes the key features of the DAT 72 tape drive.

  • Compatibility Supports DDS-3, DDS-4, and DAT 72 tape drive recording formats.
  • Low Voltage Differential (LVD)/Ultra Wide Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) connection.
  • Three convenient form-factors:
    • 3.5-inch internal form-factor for installation in a 3.5-inch half-height space.
    • 3.5-inch half-height drive factory-installed with 5.25-inch mounting rails and bezel for installation in a 5.25-inch half-height space.
    • External subsystem with built-in, auto-sensing, worldwide power supply.
  • Support for various native data-storage capacities. See Capacity and Transfer Rates.
  • High-speed transfer rates for fast backups. See Capacity and Transfer Rates.
  • Advanced onboard DDS-DC hardware using Lempel-Ziv (DCLZ) data-compression, doubling the drives uncompressed capacity (for example, a 20-GB uncompressed drive can be 40 GB with compression). SeeCapacity and Transfer Rates.
  • High-performance SCSI burst transfer rates.
  • Three levels of error-correction code (ECC) and four-head design for read-after-write (RAW) error detection and correction (uncorrectable error rate of less than 1 in 1015 bits).
  • Flying preamplifier for greater signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Flash memory to store setup parameters and enable field firmware upgrades.
  • Automatic Power-on Self-Test.
  • Sealed drive mechanism and tape handling components for improved immunity to airborne contaminants and extended media life.
  • TapeAlert support.

Capacity and Transfer Rates

Table 1. Capacity and Transfer Rates

DAT 72
Tape length (meters)
Native capacity (GB)
Compressed capacity (GB)
Native transfer rate (MBs/sec)

SCSI Bus Interface

Dell PowerVault 100T DAT 72 tape drives are Ultra2 wide SCSI devices.  Depending on the model, the DAT 72 tape drives are designed to operate on either a low voltage differential SCSI bus (LVD) or a single-ended SCSI bus.  The tape drive automatically detects whether the SCSI bus is LVD or single ended.  Ensure that the SCSI bus is properly terminated.

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Do you need a Dell DAT72 repair?  Are you looking for a fully refurbished Dell DAT72?

SQS offer a full DAT repair service on all DAT72 drives including Dell DAT72 repair and have a large stock of refurbished Dell DAT72 tape drives with full warranty, including refurbished Dell DAT72 and other DAT drives. Click HERE to go to our DAT Drive Repair Page or call us on 08450 666222 to speak to our team.

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