Seagate Scorpion DDS3 DAT Drive

Certance DDS3 DAT Drive

The Seagate Scorpion

24 GB digital data storage (DDS) drive is designed for computer environments that require high-performance, high-capacity data storage.

Based on a 3.5-inch mechanism, the internal and external Scorpion 24 models
provide 12 Gbytes of data-storage capacity, 24 Gbytes compressed, with a native transfer rate of 1.1 Mbytes per second, 2.2 Mbytes per second compressed.

The Scorpion 24 drive combines established DAT technology, high-density
recording and hardware data-compression capability along with Seagate’s proven computer grade design to provide unmatched reliability and performance characteristics among DDS products.


The Scorpion 24 is ideal for workstation, server and network/enterprise applications such as:

  • Backup of high-capacity fixed discs
  • Data interchange between systems
  • Network server
  • Loader products
  • Online data collection
  • Near-line secondary storage for text, graphics or multimedia information of all types
  • Archival storage



Compressed Capacity Up to 24 GB
Native Capacity Up to 12 GB
Recording Format DDS-3
Interface Type SCSI-2


Native Sustained Transfer Rate 3.96 GB/hour
Compressed Sustained Transfer Rate up to 7.92 GB/hour
Native Burst Transfer Rate up to 300 MB/min
Compressed Burst Transfer Rate up to 600 MB/min
Average File Access Time < 40 seconds
Search Speed 200 times normal
Drum Rotational Speed up to 8000 RPM
Backup Speed 3.96 GB/hour
Compressed Backup Speed up to 7.92 GB/hour
Buffer Memory Size 2 MB


Scorpion 24 Capacity and Transfer Rates

The Scorpion 24 provides the following capacities and transfer rates, depending on recording mode and tape length:

Recording Mode DDS DDS-DC DDS-2 DDS-3
Tape length 60 meter 90 meter 120 meter 125 meter
Capacity (native) 1.3 Gbytes 2.0 Gbytes 4.0 Gbytes 12.0 Gbytes
Capacity (compressed) N/A 4.0 Gbytes 8.0 Gbytes 24.0 Gbytes
Transfer rate (native) 780 Kbytes/sec 780 Kbytes/sec 780 Kbytes/sec 1.1 Mbytes/sec


In data-compression mode, the Seagate Scorpion 24 drive typically doubles the
storage capacity and transfer rate of the native uncompressed operation. Tape
capacity and sustained data-transfer rate are also dependent upon the
characteristics of the files being compressed, along with other system parameters, including the speed of the host, the operating system and the application software used.

The Scorpion 24 drive also offers synchronous or asynchronous SCSI transfers with a high-speed burst data-transfer rate of 10 Mbytes per second.

The Scorpion 24 provides unmatched reliability through three levels of errorcorrection code (ECC) and the four-head design, which provides for read-after-write (RAW) error detection and correction.

Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.