Sony AIT4 SDX-900V

Sony AIT4 AIT Tape Drive

The Sony SDX-900V drive uses data compression to achieve high capacity and high transfer rates. Actual capacity and transfer rate depends on the source file type.

The capacity ratings listed in the next subsection are based on a 246 meter tape AIT-4 cassette. The Sony SDX-900V drive is a high capacity data storage device using Advanced intelligent tape (AIT) technology. The Sony SDX-900V drive achieves high data integrity through read-after-write, an additional level of Error Correction Code, and other features.

The Sony SDX-900V drives provide MIC technology that automatically enhance reliability and performance. The Sony SDX-900V drives provide read and write capability for MIC user data area.


Features of the Drive

Major features of the Sony SDX-900V include:

• Capacity

200 Gbyte typical when using 246 meter tape AIT-4 cassette (SDX4-200C)

520 Gbyte with 2.6:1 Data Compression

• Sustained transfer rate

24 Mbyte/sec when using AIT-4 cassette

• Supported Format

AIT-4 (Read/Write)

• Not compatible with the DDS and EXABYTE format tapes

• Burst transfer rate

12 Mbyte/sec Asynchronous

160 Mbyte/sec Synchronous

• Large 96 MB Buffer Memory

• 3.5″ Standard Height, 5.25″ Half Height

• Embedded SCSI interface (Ultra 160 LVD, Single-ended or Low Voltage differential)

• Supports Variable or Fixed record length

• Supports SCSI Disconnection/Arbitration

• Read After Write (RAW) On and Off capability

• Read Retry On and Off capability

• Fragment rewrite function – AIT-4

• Two levels of Error Correction Code (ECC) – AIT-4

• High Speed search (120 times nominal Read/Write speed)

• Random read, Append write

• MIC Support (Automatic reliability and performance enhancement.)

• MIC Support (Read and write capability for MIC user data area.)

• Remote-MIC Support

• Tape Alert

Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.