Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 16 December 2013

qiktechnologyHere’s another round up post for you to enjoy before your Christmas break.  Have a great time reading!

The Cloud Will No Longer Be Free http://buff.ly/ITsTsJ

Author discusses the management and storage challenges of big data http://buff.ly/ITsS8e [Interesting points]

Sales of Storage Software Increased 1.5% During the Third Quarter … http://buff.ly/ITsVB0

Security breaches in 2013 shook confidence in Cloud: Netgear http://buff.ly/ITsZkg

There you have it. I’ll see you again soon for more of updates, news and opinions. Have a great Christmas time with your family!

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Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.