Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 20 January 2014

ID-100192377Hello there everyone! I am back with the latest buzz in the computers and technology world. Enjoy and feel free to share!

The Promise of DNA-based Storage http://buff.ly/1czrZJQ [wow!]

Acer to focus on online data storage http://buff.ly/1d2Y5NK [interesting]

Hybrid Cloud Storage Makes Sense for SMBs [combine cloud with NAS for best results]

Storage demand rises for education sector http://buff.ly/1cd9HO9 [interesting as we’re education storage specialists]

Survey: Data Loss and Privacy Breaches Remain Top Challenges in … http://buff.ly/1dASjaM [yep, we agree!]

Tape storage: still a contender http://buff.ly/1dASoLT [absolutely!]

Data Storage’s Changing Status Quo http://buff.ly/1dAUPhs [thought provoking]

Hard disk drive data obliteration: has the data really been destroyed? http://buff.ly/1fQgGF0 [interesting article]

Unlimited vs. Storage-Based Cloud Storage http://buff.ly/1fQgV2L [good review]

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more next week and happy weekend!

Photo by: ddpavumba/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Chris Whitehead

Chris Whitehead is a tape drive repair and data storage expert based in Reading, Berkshire, providing tape drive repair and data storage solutions across the UK.