HP Ultrium 960 LTO 3 External Tape Drive Q1539A / 378464-002

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Refurbished Tape Drives

HP Ultrium 960 LTO 3 External Tape Drive Q1539A / 378464-002
HP Ultrium 960 LTO 3 External Tape Drive Q1539A / 378464-002

The Ultrium 960 LTO 3 external tape drive features an 800 GB compressed (2:1) storage capacity using new LTO 3 media. By doubling the capacity of previous Ultrium drives, customers now require fewer data cartridges to meet their storage needs, significantly reducing their IT costs and increasing their ROI.

The HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 LTO 3 external Tape Drive represents HP’s third-generation of LTO tape drive technology.

Our full 1-year warranty gives you peace of mind that your tape drive will keep on working long after installation and continue to give reliable service.

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HP Q1539 Repair

For customers requiring an HP Q1539A repair solution, we offer a full in house LTO repair service carried out by our HP trained engineers. All our repairs carry a full 12 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

Refurbished HP Q1539A drives

We regularly stock refurbished HP Q1539A drives as well as a vast range of other refurbished LTO 3 External tape drives . All our refurbished HP Q1539A drives carry a full 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

LTO 3 External Tape Drive

The Ultrium 960 also features a compressed (2:1) data transfer rate of 160 MB/s. Using a new 16-channel recording head, an Ultra320 SCSI interface, and increases in media tracks and bit density, the HP Ultrium 960 sets a new performance benchmark as the world’s fastest tape drive.

For customers that continually experience shrinking backup windows, the Ultrium 960 is the ideal direct-attach backup storage solution for enterprise and mid-range server, as well as entry-level hard drive arrays.

The Ultrium 960 LTO 3 External Tape Drive is fully read and write compatible with all second-generation Ultrium media, and adds a further degree of investment protection with the ability to read all first-generation Ultrium media as well.

The Ultrium 960 also represents HP’s first tape drive solution to deliver support for Write-Once, Read-Many (WORM) media. This feature allows customers to easily integrate a cost-effective solution to secure, manage, and archive compliant data records to meet stringent industry regulations. HP customers can now manage all of their backup and archiving data protection needs with just one drive.

  • 800 GB Capacity: The Ultrium 960 LTO 3 external tape drive is a high capacity drive that stores 800 GB on a single cartridge with 2:1 compression.
  • 160 MB/s Performance: The world’s fastest tape drive with sustainable data transfer rates to 160 MB/s at 2:1 compression.
  • Data Rate Matching (DRM): Allows the tape drive to dynamically and continuously adjust the speed of the drive, from 27 MB/s to 80 MB/s, matching the speed of the host or network.
  • LTO Open Standard: Drive technology based on an open standard that provides for media compatibility across all brands of LTO Ultrium products.
  • Server Compatibility: Qualified on HP ProLiant, Integrity, 9000, NonStop, and AlphaServers platforms, as well as many servers from other leading vendors such as Dell, IBM, and Sun.
  • Software Compatibility: Extensive list of supported backup and archiving software applications from HP, CA, VERITAS, Yosemite, Legato, Tivoli, and many more.
  • Support for WORM Media: Able to read and write to new Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) HP Ultrium Data Cartridges
  • Management and Diagnostics Software Included: HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools software provides a single application for managing and troubleshooting your tape drive, media and configuration.
  • Backup Software Included: Includes a single-server version of Yosemite TapeWare XE (CD) and HP OpenView Data Protector (license)
  • One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) Supported: Firmware-based disaster recovery feature that can restore an entire system using a single Ultrium 960 tape drive and data cartridge

  • High capacity drive allows customer to backup more data with fewer data cartridges: High capacity drive reduces the costs associated with data protection by requiring fewer data cartridges to complete backups.
  • Ultra fast performance can backup more data in less time: High performance drive allows customers to scale their backup capacities without having to increase their backup windows.
  • Data Rate Matching optimizes performance while reducing tape and media wear: Data Rate Matching optimizes the performance of the tape drive by matching the host server or network’s data transfer rate, putting less stress on the tape drive and media.
  • LTO open standard provides customers with more choices: The LTO open standard ensures compatibility across all brands of Ultrium tape drives, giving customers a greater choice of Ultrium solutions without losing investment protection.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software qualification increase customers agility to adapt to new environments as needed: Support for heterogeneous hardware and software platforms provides customers with a single tape drive solution for all environments.
  • Investment protection through backward write and read compatibility: Backward read compatibility ensures that files from generation one and two Ultrium data cartridges can be recovered using the HP Ultrium 960 tape drive. Backward write compatibility allows the customer to create backups using second-generation Ultrium media with their HP Ultrium 960 tape drive, maximizing their ROI for media that was previously purchased.
  • Easily integrate a secure method for archiving compliant records using Ultrium WORM media: With a single HP Ultrium 960 tape drive and HP’s comprehensive support for hardware and software platforms, customers can easily integrate a WORM-based archiving solution into their current data protection strategy using LTO Ultrium solutions.
  • Complete set of management and diagnostics tools included with each tape drive option and available via free download from HP.com: Tape drive management, performance optimization, and troubleshooting is made simple using the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools application that is included with HP Ultrium 960 tape drive.
  • Complete hardware and software solution in the box with each HP Ultrium 960 LTO 3 external Tape Drive: HP Ultrium 960 LTO 3 external tape drives ships with a choice of single-server backup software applications (HP OpenView Data Protector and Yosemite TapeWare), tape drive media, and SCSI cables, providing the customer with a complete data protection solution in the box.
  • Simple and fast disaster recovery with One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) included in the drive firmware: HP Ultrium 960 LTO 3 external tape drives include a HP-exclusive disaster recovery feature, One-Button Disaster Recovery, that allows the customer to simply and quickly recover a server’s operating system, software applications, and data using a single HP Ultrium data cartridge.

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Technical specifications
Recording technology LTO-3 Ultrium 960
Capacity 800 GB Compressed 2:1
Transfer rate 576 GB/hr; Compressed 2:1
Buffer size 128 MB; Included
Host interface Ultra320 LVD SCSI
Encryption capability No
WORM capability Yes
Form factor 5.25-inch full-height
Dimensions (W x D x H) 20.8 x 8.5 x 15 cm
Weight 2.24 kg

Benefits to using refurbished tape drives

LTO Drive Repair
Same day Dispatch

To provide you with the best possible service and to minimise you or your customers down time, we ship all stock refurbished tape drives on the same day.

LTO Drive Repair
Comprehensive Testing

Our factory trained engineers use a mixture of manufacturer diagnostic tests and functional backups to rigorously test all refurbished tape drives and tape libraries prior to dispatch.

LTO Drive Repair
Full 1 Years Warranty

We offer up to a full 1 years warranty on most stand alone tape drives as standard and 6 months on library drives and autoloaders

LTO Drive Repair
Cost Effective

Maximise ROI by sourcing refurbished tape drives and libraries. Ensuring you get the most from your hardware investment.

Free Consultancy

Need some help choosing a backup solution or strategy? Our experienced team can work with you to design a full backup solution tailored to your needs. We are experienced in tape, disk and online storage and can help you secure your valuable data.

Part Finder Service

Looking for an obscure library drive or other part? Our staff have access to inventory all over the world and can quickly locate those parts for you.

Same Day Service

Need a part in London today? We are located just 40 miles from London in the middle of the M3/M4 corridor. Our same day courier can deliver your refurbished tape drive within just hours of your call.

Refurbished LTO Tape Drives

Naturally we stock all formats of tape drives, but LTO drives are our speciality.

If you are looking to upgrade your backup solution, an LTO drive might be the answer. We have refurbished LTO drives available in LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 , LTO5 and LTO6 formats and stock both full height and half height variants.

Is your LTO from a library? We have many library ready LTO drives on the shelf ready to ship and of course we offer a 24 hour repair service for those occasions where you need your own drive repaired and returned in the fastest possible time.

We have many LTO drives in stock from LTO1, LTO2 and LTO3 right through LTO4, LTO5 and LTO6

Tape drive repair .com stock all formats of tape drive. From AIT drives and DAT drives to LTO drives and SDLT drives we cater for all manufacturers and capacities.

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