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Exabyte 8500 and 8500c 8mm Tape Drives

Exabyte 8500

Both the EXB-8500 and EXB-8500c are enhanced 8mm digital helical-scan cartridge tape subsystems. Packaged in the industry standard 5.25-inch form factor and combined with an integral Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) controller (either single-ended or differential configurations), the EXB-8500 and EXB-8500c are the easily integrated solution to your journaling, archiving, data interchange, software distribution, imaging, data acquisition, and backup/restore needs.

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Exabyte 17D DLT4000 Autoloader

Exabyte 17D DLT4000 / DLT7000 Autoloader

The Exabyte 17D autoloader brings convenient, cost-effective DLT automation technology to backup. Compact and affordable, the Exabyte 17D expands Exabyte’s line of high-capacity, high-performance DLTtape automation products. The Exabyte 17D accommodates one DLT 4000 or DLT 7000 tape drive and 7 Exabyte DLTtape data cartridges and is designed as an affordable alternative to standalone tape drives.Continue reading