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Quantum DLTV4

Quantum DLTV4 internal DLT Tape Drive

The 320 GB Quantum DLT-V4 tape drive delivers enterprise-class features along with enhanced capacity and performance at an amazingly affordable price. In order to keep pace with the ongoing business data explosion and expanding government regulations, small-to-medium sized businesses now require storage features previously found only in enterprise offerings.Continue reading

Quantum VS160

Quantum VS160 DLT Tape Drive

The DLT VS160 fills the need for enterprise-class capacity and throughput in a value priced solution. It features a half-high form factor and offers 160GB of compressed capacity and a 16MB/second compressed transfer rate. Available as an internally configured unit, a tabletop or rackmount unit, the DLT VS160 uses DLTtape VS1 media, delivering increased capacity, enhanced reliability, and super durability, all at an industry-leading cost per gigabyte.Continue reading

Quantum VS80

Quantum VS80 Half Height DLT Tape Drive

The Quantum DLT VS80 fills the need for reliable tape storage in a compact, reliable tape drive.

The Quantum DLT® VS80 tape drive features a half-height form factor and provides 80GB of compressed capacity and a 6 MB/sec compressed transfer rate, with all the reliability you expect from DLT Technology.

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Quantum DLT1

Quantum DLT1 Internal Tape Drive

Designed for enterprise networking systems of workgroups, intranets and extranets, the Quantum DLT1 backs up an entire small to medium sized server or workstation on a single DLTtape IV cartridge.

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Quantum DLT 8000

Quantum DLT8000 Tape Drive

The Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive system advances the standard in tape backup with improvements to capacity, performance, and cost of ownership while maintaining compatibility with a worldwide installed base of more than one million DLTtape™ drives.Continue reading

Quantum DLT 7000

Quantum DLT7000 internal DLT Tape Drive

Built with the same advanced linear recording technology, precision tape guiding system, and adaptive control mechanism proven successful in previous generations of DLT tape drives, the DLT 7000 was the first to employ the innovative Symmetric Phase Recording Technique and the four channel recording system.

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Quantum DLT2000XT

Quantum DLT2000XT DLT Tape Drive

Still performing its function in the real world, this was the first DLT tape drive with unique, tape loadable firmware, allowing easy updates to the drive’s microcode, so that additional capabilities could be added by merely changing software.Continue reading

HP DAT 160

HP DAT160i Internal DDS DAT Tape drive

HP StorageWorks DAT drives are based on the Digital Data Storage (DDS) format. In fact, DAT is the most successful tape backup technology of all time with more than 18 million DAT drives shipped since its introduction in 1989, and with a current world-wide installed base of over 6 million drives. A number of vendors manufacture DDS format DAT drives, but HP has long been the market leader in DAT technology.

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HP DAT 72×6

HP DAT72x6i DDS Tape Drive

The HP StorageWorks DAT 72×6 tape autoloader is an ideal backup solution for small to medium companies with limited IT support or remote sites of larger companies. By reducing administrative tasks, the DAT 72×6 not only simplifies the backup process but reduces the risk of error as well. The autoloader includes a single tape drive inside an enclosure that holds six data cartridges in a removable magazine.

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